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Ways to improve your market value on the cheap!!

While we continue to ride the historic wave of the current seller’s market, don’t take short cuts because the competition may be nipping at your heals! There are many ways to improve your value with quick, easy, and/or cheap improvements and fixes. Here are the top picks for improving your appeal to buyers!

  • Landscaping – Many buyers will pull up in front of a home they saw online and see something very different from the street. Many of these folks don’t even get out of their car to see the inside. Sprucing up your curb appeal can get people in the door. Start by doing these things:
    • Pull weeds and add mulch to your beds.
    • Add color by planting inexpensive annuals
    • trim back any overhanging limbs
    • keep yard manicured
    • Touch up paint around front door
    • Repaint your front door… Red and black are the top color trends right now
  • Paint inside – If you can’t scrub your walls clean or they look dingy, a fresh coat of paint and some elbow grease will work minor miracles. This is especially important in living areas, the kitchen, and master bathroom.
  • Add a scent – When buyers view homes, all of their senses are on high alert. Having a Scentsy or air fresheners working behind the scenes will make a lasting impression without the buyer even knowing it.
  • De-clutter – This is a HUGE plus. We always suggest removing items from your home that you do not need (put them in storage). Take down the 300 pictures hanging on a the hallway wall and put up one or two pieces that accent the space. By removing items from your home, you are opening up rooms and creating space!
  • Light – Leave your blinds and curtains open and if possible, make sure all lights are on for showings.
  • Keep it clean – Aside from clutter, keep things tidy and organized. Not only is it more appealing to see your home that way, it also lets potential buyers know that this home was well cared for. It’s also a good idea to have your carpets cleaned if they need it. A cheap fix that will work wonders!
  • Photography – We provide all of our listing professional photography gratis! Considering most people see the homes they view online before visiting, it makes sense to put your best foot forward from the word “go”.
  • Staging – We also provide a consultation from a professional home stager. It doesn’t have to be an overhaul of furniture and expensive. Often times subtle changes can make a big difference.

As we continue to list and sell homes in the area, we are constantly coming up with new and unique ideas for improving our Client’s value. We will continue to share these via our blogs and we always welcome your suggestions!



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