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Sue Busch: Tighty Whities, Tom Selleck, and Sleepwalking

Sue Busch is our resident “mama” around Real Estate by Design. She is one of those agents who goes above and beyond for her clients. Sue will do demolition, trudge around in mud and cover your faucets when your out of town and it freezes outside! To say this woman is a sweetheart is an understatement. Read on for an entertaining interview with Sue..

Valerie: How did you become interested in Real Estate?

Sue: My grandfather was a property owner in the forties, and my mother was also a realtor in California. My uncle left me a small inheritance and I invested in rental properties. Real Estate was a natural career move for me, it was in my blood!


Valerie: Who was your most memorable client?

Sue: I had a woman meet me at the door in a pair of men’s tighty-whities and a muscle tank top swinging around a bag of trash.



Valerie: How long have you been an agent?

Sue: Three years, all with Real Estate by Design.


Valerie: Who’s your celebrity crush?

Sue: Tom Selleck

Valerie: Why?

Sue: He would probably give good bear hugs and smell like Old Spice.



Valerie: What’s an ideal date with your husband?

Sue: Dinner, lots of laughs, and a movie.

Valerie: Do you have any strange quirks?

Sue: I sleepwalk and dream of mechanical spiders.

Valerie: If you were on Death Row, and you were submitting your last meal request what would it be?

Sue: Eggplant Parmigiana





Sue is such a wonderful agent. She becomes a lifelong friend, not just an agent. Stop by and meet Sue!


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