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Veteran Owned and Operated Sandwich Co

Roughly 40,000 veterans are homeless in America every single day. These are men and women who have served and fought for our country that are going without shelter on daily basis.

David Jordan, a 12 year veteran of the National Guard, decided to stand up for his fellow Vets and pave a way for them to hopefully one day end the homeless population for veterans. He first started, We Got Your Six, ” a non-profit dedicated to helping homeless Veterans rebuild their lives and redevelop their self-confidence. Helping them get back on their feet and back to living a solid stable meaningful life.” 5 years ago David was a homeless veteran himself and was wanting to take his own life. Instead of continuing down this path, he started We Got Your Six to help not only himself but also his fellow Veterans.

Coming from a long line of military in his family he wanted Patriot Sandwich Co. to not only be a source of revenue for We Got Your Six, but also a place where Veterans and their family can come to pay respects, visit with fellow Veterans, and showcase the human side of military. He spoke to me about the hardest side of being in the military, the media only brings the negative side. He wants to bring the history, traditions, customs of the military.

You need to go check out the artifacts at Patriots Sandwich Co! From the walls, the dining tables, and even a table reserved for all of the fallen comrades in arms. You will not be disappointed.

What you also will not be disappointed with is the sandwiches!!!! The clever names really drew my attention, from the “Private Meatball” sub, “Fire in The Hole” buffalo chicken sandwich, and “Better than MRE” roast beef. David’s favorite he said I forced him to choose would be the meatball sub or “Fiery Napalm” spicy meatball sub, he has been working on the spaghetti sauce for years and it really shows in the flavor.

If you are looking to try something new out for lunch or dinner take a trip down the loop 288 right in front of Walmart and you will be surprised at this Military Museum/ Sandwich Shop right here in Denton!

Check out the matterport of the store we did, a 3D virtual tour of this amazing place.


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