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Keeping Your Home Cool This Summer

We all know that ceiling fans can cool down your home, but if you’re anything like me, you can’t remember whether they go clockwise or counterclockwise! Counter clockwise is the way to go! I hear a lot about light blocking curtains, and I can tell you from personal experience that this works for cooling your home as well. Blocking the sun means that your home is not baking in the sun’s beautiful glow all day, thus keeping your home cooler.

There are also steps you can take on the outside of your home to block heat from the sun. Consider having solar screens installed on windows. This blocks the heat that passes through glass windows from the sun. Awnings on windows will also block sun from coming into your home. Large Trees provide ample shade to not only your yard, but windows as well.

Changing habits at meal time will keep your house cool. Consider grilling outside, eating salads and cool meals for dinner will keep your oven off, which in turn will keep some heat away. Use the heat as an excuse to eat out, I do!

Lately it’s been so hot I’ve given up using my hair dryer and going au naturel in the hair department. You’d be surprised how much heat styling products put out! I also take all of the winter blankets off of the bed and only use bedspreads and quilts. Line drying clothing and linens will keep the heat from your dryer out of your home as well.

You’ll notice many of these suggestions seem the healthier way to go, and at the same time save you money! (Besides the eating out suggestion, of course!) Have a great summer and keep cool!

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