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Jay Acker: The Father Behind Real Estate by Design

Jay is one half of the boss unit at Real Estate by Design. He isn’t just a boss, he’s like a father. He’s a man that shows genuine concern, gratitude, and love to his team and always puts us before himself. He is a fearless leader and a true family man. Read more and learn about the man, the myth, the legend, that is JAY ACKER.

Valerie: You once told me your work hard so that you can go on road trips with your family. Explain why this is so important to you.

Jay: My family is my big why. Spending time with them is the most important thing in the world to me. The journey is so much more important than the destination.


Valerie: Who is your celebrity crush?

Jay: Does Carissa count? (OMGoodness how sweet!)






Valerie: Do you have any weird habits?

Jay: I always have Chap Stick, even in the shower.







Valerie: What’s your biggest insecurity?

Jay: Death. Not me dying, but the people I love.

Valerie: Why did you choose Real Estate?

Jay: Real Estate kind of chose me. My parents were in the business! Someone once said “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” That is true for me. Real Estate has linked me with my community and great people that have become great friends. I’m thankful every day for my career!

Valerie: Tell me your funniest real estate moment.  

Jay: I was at a listing appointment and I was sitting on this ladies couch and her three dogs were all over me. They were in my lap, licking me, biting my hands, and she acted like they weren’t even there.

Valerie: What is your favorite food and drink?

Jay: Raw veggies and sweet tea.

Valerie: Who inspires you?

Jay: My Dad. He is so calm and collected. If he is upset you’d never know it.

Jay is a great agent, team leader, and all around family man. This guy is driven by the love he has for the women in his life. Jay is father to two teenaged daughters and husband to Carissa. He is also father to his dogs Gus and Sophie. If you have a real problem, he will listen, and come up with a plan! Stop by and meet the fabulous Jay Acker!




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