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How To Settle Into Your New Neigborhood


Nothing is harder than making friends as an adult, and making neighborhood friendships is just as challenging. When you first move, the last thing you want to do is walk around your neighborhood ringing doorbells. One way to meet your neighbors is to send out invites for a small neighborhood housewarming party. This may feel strange, but will benefit you in the long run. No one will expect for your home to be completely settled in. Once the boxes are put away, have people over. Order pizza and pick up water and soft drinks so that you do not have to cook! Who doesn’t love free pizza? Invite them to bring their children so that your children can make new friends. Moving can be hard on children, and making friends close by will give them a stronger sense of security.


There are many neighborhood apps to consider to keep apprised of the comings and goings of your neighborhood. My neighborhood posts things to sell, lost and found animals, and any events that could be of interest to the people in the neighborhood. Having people look out for you and your best interest is priceless. Try and lend a helping hand to neighbors. If you see an elderly person working on their lawn, ask if you can help. Do your neighbors have a hard time with their schedules? Offer to have their children over for a play date so that they can get things done. A network of families is what neighborhoods are all about!

Asking new neighbors about the neighborhood, such as where they buy groceries, obtain internet service, drop off unwanted items, etcetera, is a great way to save money. People who have been in the neighborhood a long time know all the secrets! Organize neighborhood yard sales, walking groups, parents night outs, and Bunco games with your neighbors! Mutual care and respect for your neighbors will not only benefit you, but your family as well. Build strong relationships with the people around you and prepare for a lifetime of friendship and support!







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