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Housecleaning Product Review

I’m an expert at cleaning. Having been so braggy, I’m going to back up that claim with an extensive list of products that I’ve tried and loved. I’m also going to include products that are better off in the trash. Do you have kids that love to leave toothpaste, and other surprises all over the bathroom? I do. I’m a huge fan of Clorox wipes. I will say that I think they are too wet, so I take the whole roll out of the plastic cylinder and squeeze out the excess moisture. I then put them back in the container, and am able to wipe up these grotesque presents that my children leave around. As for window cleaner, I love the spray foam window cleaner that seems to be popular with commercial cleaning companies. You can buy the foam window cleaner next to your classic blue window cleaner. Next we are moving to wood cleaner. Go with store brand wood polisher. It works better and makes your wallet fatter. Pine-Sol for tile and laminate is fabulous for mopping floors. I pour it into a hot water bucket and use it on my entire house. Murphy’s wood soap is amazing for real wood floors. I use soft scrub in my tubs and showers with a blue no scratch scrubby. All of these items can be found at Wal-Mart. I pour Pine-Sol in my toilets and scrub with a toilet brush. I wipe my entire toilet bowl with Clorox wipes, including under the seat! Wipe baseboards with a microfiber cloth sprayed with wood polisher. I wipe my trash cans out with Clorox wipes after I empty all of them. Throw away these items: Powder cleaning powder-just gross. Any foaming cleaners -gross, and no germ killers. Those dorky blind cleaner tongs. Worthless. Ceiling fan cleaning wands are useless-just use a microfiber cloth and a stepladder. Use these tips for a sparkly clean house. When you’re all done with your weekly cleaning routine, spray your home with Gain Febreeze Air Effects. Spray your couch, curtains, and mattresses with Renuzit fabric spray. You will be amazed at how your home looks and smells! You’re welcome!

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