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Finding Your Dream Home

We all have an idea of what we want when daydreaming of the perfect home. Some of us can see ourselves surrounded by acreage and some of us can see ourselves in a brownstone nestled in the big city. I recently bought a home that is as close to my dream home as I think I could’ve gotten! In reality there are things that I would’ve changed, but I don’t think the perfect house exists, simply because nothing is truly perfect. The home we just bought is our third home purchase, which is why I feel qualified to give advice on the process.

I suggest sitting down with your partner and listing off the very first few must haves for your new home. These will come easy to you, and should be the most necessary. Settling on a home will be costly. In the end you won’t be happy and you will move again. Take it from me. A very important factor is location when looking for a long term home. You can paint, change wallpaper, and change just about anything in a home, but it is very risky and expensive to move one. Envision what your home will offer you years down the road. I can’t wait to see my children have their own families and bring them to my house for dinners, so I need a big dining area. Do you think Mom may need a space in your home as she ages? Look for a home with a mother in law suite. Thinking of your future will protect you from an unnecessary move if the time comes where your family dynamic changes.

Are there expenses that you know you will not have the cash for, such as updated cabinets and granite in the kitchen? I suggest buying a home that already has these upgrades. The last two homes we bought needed new cabinets and counter tops, but forking over cash for a remodel like that was not feasible for us. Do you enjoy doing yardwork? Do you have a green thumb? If not, it’s possible that a home on a large landscaped lot is not a wise choice for you. Are you handy around the house? If not, a new build is probably a great choice for you to consider. 

There are so many more things to think about when considering purchasing a new home. These are just a few examples to think about. Try to remember that nothing is perfect, but also try to get as close to your dream as possible. When you are ready to purchase, call Real Estate by Design. Our agents are experts at finding you your dream home!



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