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Discover What Makes Denton Great

The Real Estate by Design Group dropped in to the Discover Denton Welcome Center to see what all it has to offer.

Between the awesome Denton and Texas swag, an interactive touch screen that answers all of your local questions, and’s home, this place definitely needs to be on your Denton bucket list.

We got to speak with Dentonite, Jake Laughlin, about why he loves Denton and how discover Denton is just an incredible hub for information and making the most out of your Denton visit or lifestyle.

Not only did we get to chat with some cool Denton locals in this Welcome Center but we also had the opportunity to do a matterport 3d scan of the store. Check out the link and take a virtual tour of the store before you go!


Chelsie:                Hey it’s Chelsie!

Valerie:                And this is Valerie!

Chelsie:                And we’re with the Real Estate by Design Group here at Discover Denton Welcome Center on the square. We have Jake here with Discover Denton, Jake, tell us a little bit about discover Denton and what you guys do for the Denton community?

Jake:                      Sure, well this is the Discover Denton Welcome Center. We’re primarily a visitor information center, so we’re a hub of information for people looking for activities and things to do around town. We’re also a good place to find some Denton merch as well as, our online radio program.

Chelsie:                All right, Jake, how long have you lived in Denton?

Jake:                      I’ve lived in Denton for a little over the last decade and grew up in Ponder about 20 minutes down the road. There wasn’t a whole lot in Ponder when I was growing up, so we always came to Denton because Denton had a movie theater and that was really cool. So I’ve always either been in or near Denton my entire life.

Chelsie:               What is your favorite thing, if you can narrow it down, about Denton and what makes it so different and unique?

Jake:                      I think Denton, what’s unique about it is probably going to be the arts. Whether it’s live music or whether it’s craft beer, which is the taste of art, or all these other artistic creative things that are happening. This is a really, this town is a really cool canvas where everybody kind of gets to paint their own little piece of it. And I think we’ve got something really unique and special here because it’s such an artistic community.

Chelsie:                This Discover Denton Welcome Center is such an amazing place to come check out everything that Denton has to offer, and if you love Denton as much as we do, then come grab some awesome swag.

Valerie:                Discovered Denton is sandwiched in between LSA Burger and Atomic Candy on the square.


To watch the video click the link below!

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