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Below Average Credit?

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“D’s get degrees too” my friend tells me as I complain about my upcoming test.  I recently decided to go back to college and finish my degree after way too many years.  As bad as that sounds, it is absolutely true and it is a comfort after a particularly tough test.

Not everything in life goes that way, but did you know buying a house does?

In August of this year, researchers calculated the national AVERAGE Fico score.  It came in at 695.  Most lenders can qualify at a 620 which means even if you are below average at making payments on time or paying more than your minimum payment, chances are you can qualify to buy a house.  So not only do “D’s get degrees” but “D’s get houses” too!

One of my favorite websites to check my credit is  It will give you a ballpark but don’t be discouraged if it is lower than anticipated.  Your best choice always is to talk to a lender to get an accurate score.  You have nothing to loose and so much to gain!



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